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Mowebsys ICT Solutions is an App development/website design, hosting and forex training company based in Nigeria but intended to serve in raising young IT talents within the Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond that would in turn be deployed to attack and solve all the numerous ICT challenges that have ravaged the whole of Africa.
I founded this company in 2015 with the sole aim of helping the youths in this part of the world (Sub-Saharan Africa) to think of how to solve problems around them by writing pieces of codes and by the use of the internet as a great source of income. In this part of the world much jobs have not been made available which is why our youths ought to explore ways to create jobs for themselves and even for others. Some of my perspective/view concerning ICT Training.
ICT Basics: Everyone needs to know how to type their own letters, print their documents from a printer, able to scan using their own Personal Computers or by use of devices at ICT centers.
Website Development: Either as a backend developer, a front-end developer or both you have to really work hard to become relevant in the field. You can choose to make use of Content Management System or cherish coding from scratch.
App Development: JavaScript is revolutionizing app developments generally. JavaScript Languages and frameworks have been explored in the past couple of years for the developments of cross-platform applications. This does not rule out the fact that Java, C# and the likes are totally out of the picture. Of course you have to really know languages with strong/consistent variable definitions to truly appreciate programming and grow alongside the recent use of JavaScript all over the place. It will not be right to learn JavaScript as your first language. Hence learn Java or C# first before your ‘great’ JavaScript. When you come up with any app –Android, iOS or cross-platform make efforts to put them in platforms like Google Play where people all over the world can see what you have done.
Forex: Anyone can trade forex only that you have to take time to understand the basics. Put all your momentary needs far from your forex beginner trades so that you can truly appreciate the market and learn. Do not border your brain with all of your needs at the moment. Find a suitable, reliable forex trainer who can grow you to trade profitably. Forex is such a wide market that your mentor’s style of trade may not work for you because of your own personal temperaments/emotions and perspective to trades. Hence you just have to learn as much as you can then develop your own very trading strategy/style. The Forex Market is a wealthy market. Don’t try to figure out everything taking place in the market. Just be patient, meticulous and stick to your plan/trading strategy. When you lose or gain from a trade you must always decide to pick up one or two lessons from such a trade.
Dear Reader, I encourage you to tap into the unimaginable possiblities in the world of ICT. Take positive step today towards becoming a developer, a forex trader or anything in the world of ICT--Only you can stop yourself.
Sam Ngene
CEO, Mowebsys ICT Solutions


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