The cloud technology is present day tech that simply helps us access a whole lot of content such as our favorite videos and our photographs stored somewhere safe and even backed up multiple times and in multiple locations. The cloud try to solve the problem of space because one does not have to worry about cloud location storage space–it’s inexhaustible and he also does not have to worry about the architecture (how conducive or safe) the location really will be.

A number of social media applications source the data content straight from the cloud. In June 2021 Thomas Kurian leader of Google’s Cloud Platform division mentioned that parts of youtube will be moved to Google Cloud Platform(See: this is because the cloud is a very complex space that is simply good enough to contain data that are increasing or multiplying at extraordinary manner and the popular video app has run on Google’s own infrastructure separately from its cloud, along with other top Google properties, such as its eponymous search engine. The change could make it easier for Google’s cloud salespeople to persuade large companies that the Google cloud is ready for big-time workloads.

The traditional means of storage may be restricted by space as well as by compatibility but not the cloud. The cloud usually contain the needed hardware as well as the required software if needs be. The cost of acquiring the hardware needed to run certain complex software maybe high which is why the software owner or developer may decide to use the cloud. Cloud runs far above all manner of Personal Computer limitations.

In the cloud for example, there are multiple operating system to select from in case a user or developer requires a particular operating system for a particular exercise or project.  Most Cloud Technologies are free for short time trial hence a developer who wants to check out any of Google, Amazon, Microsoft(Azure) Cloud may not border about any fee for a start.