No programming language is unlearnable no matter how difficult. whether it is a frontend, backend, blockchain language there is always a way around it. In case you have not heard or known what is programming language. They are high level languages like Java, C#, Python, JavaScript etc that are capable of speaking to the computer –giving the computer instructions on what to do. Frameworks themselves are technologies born out of any particular programming language that is simply a collection of all the major tasks that can be accomplished by the very language such as authentication, sessions, login, mail handling etc. Laravel is a PHP framework, Spring Boot is Java, React is JavaScript, Django is Python.


Learning a language or framework in record time will include atleast three things and most especially much easier for one who has a knowledge of atleast one programming language before

  1. Get a hard copy of the programming language or go online and download the language documentation as well as a book on the language,
  2. Install the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) of the Language on your Computer.
  3. Get a youtube video on the language implementation or on projects developed using the language in question. If you need more information you can leave your detail on the comment section, Thanks