What is the difference between taking the ICND1 & 2 exams against just taking the one CCNA exam? Now we have all heard the experts such as Todd Lammle, Wendell Odom and Jeremy Cioara. Now I believe in all their products and as far as I am concerned they are the best in business. They will all tell you should be able to do some things quicker in the CCNA exam than the ICND exams. They are correct but, which option is better. The answer is… Not Much Really. They will both set you back 250.00; they both test your knowledge of Cisco networking products. But in the end they get you the same certification, CCNA! Now with the ICND exams you will pick you up the extra certification, CCENT. So if you want to add certifications to you resume then you may want to go this route and if you want the one and done, then go with the CCNA exam. Now, if you think for one minute that you can just go in and take the ICND exams and just breeze through them, then I am here to tell you, you may get your feelings hurt. For the CCNA full exam you will have to be much faster with you answers but then again you can’t just take your sweet time in the ICND exams either, or you will run out of time with those as well. So, here take some advice from someone who did take both the ICND1&2 exams. For the ICND1 exam you should be very thorough with subnetting and should be very good with NAT. The ICND2 exam you should be very good with OSPF, and VLSMs. Here are some more tips. If you have not taken a Cisco exam before then you should go to their website and check out how their exams are setup. I was in shock at how much different they were than the other certification vendors. But if you want the best you have to adapt and be successful.

Source: www.networkworld.com